I am making Video Clips this week!

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I am so excited! I am going to be filming with some amazing subs this week!

Strap On!
Max can take the biggest dildos I have ever seen! I am talking 15 inches and wider than a coke can! I cannot wait to fuck him!

Yes! I am going to Fist Max too! I have seen what he can take! He can take my fists!

Single Tail Whipping!
Ever wanted to feel the sting of a real whip? I plan on whipping Max hard! You get to see it all.

Face Sitting!
I get to use Trigger as a sit cushion! I have been looking forward to this for quite some time! I will wear black panty hose. Still deciding what else to wear.

I will be posting more details soon!

Mistress Eva
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Craigslist Projected To Earn $36 Million This Year From Adult Ads

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Craigslist Projected To Earn $36 Million This Year From Adult Ads

By Matthew Lawrence

Experts predict that popular classified site Craigslist will earn $36
million this year from adult services ads, three times the 2009 profit
from adult ads. Based out of an unassuming San Francisco storefront,
the company’s known for allowing users to find jobs, rent apartments,
and write creepy letters to Whole Foods employees; it’s also predicted
to bring in $122 million this year, a 22% increase from 2009, reports
the New York Times [1].

In nineteen major American cities, users must pay to post job
listings, and New Yorkers must also pay for real estate listings. But
adult ads now cost $10 each ($5 for repeat postings) in all 438 of the
site’s US markets. And that adds up to big profits.

James Buckmaster, Craigslist CEO, said he would not confirm the
numbers because the traditionally secretive company does not discuss
its finances publicly. (The revenue estimate was released by industry
analysts independent Advanced Interactive Media Group.) Initially,
Craigslist committed to donate profits from sex ads to charity but
reversed its decision last May, declining from then on to acknowledge
where the money goes. The company also decided last May to raise the
price for adult services ads from $5 to $10.

The AIM group estimated that the site’s expenses–salaries, servers,
bandwidth and legal fees–will cost under $50 million this year,
meaning that the company could see a $70 million profit in 2010. Mr.
Buckmaster responded to the Times via e-mail:

Of the sex ads, he wrote, “Of the thousands of U.S. venues that carry
adult service ads, including venues operated by some of the largest
and best known companies in the U.S., Craigslist has done the best and
most responsible job of combating child exploitation and human

From www.nytimes.com:
The company has started two non-profits. The Craigslist Foundation,
which received $648,000 in 2008, does not make any donations. But the
newer Craigslist Charitable Trust, which was started in 2008 by Mr.
Buckmaster and site founder Craig Newmark, is even more of a mystery;
Mr. Buckmaster refused to explain the trust’s purpose to the Times.

In 2008, after much criticism, Craigslist eliminated the “erotic
services” section and replaced it with the “adult services” category.
In order to post ads now, users must have a registered account, which
requires e-mail verification and a phone number. (The system is
totally faulty, though, because people change phone numbers fairly
regularly these days and plenty of people can’t create accounts
because previous people with that number–or household members who
share a landline–can’t post ads.)

Week of the Ass Whores!

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I have been lucky to see two Anal Whores this week. Ass Whore P, I didn’t fuck but saw the amazing photos from this weekend. I have fisted him before though. He has a wonderfully trained ass! He can fuck huge 15 Inch Dildos with big circumferences! I hope to do some Strap On/Fisting Movies and Photo Sets with him later this month!

Ass Whore B, I saw today! He has created Giant Tampon the size of my forearm. Its made out of plastic piping the circumference of a coke can. Inside is a smaller pipe that pushes the tampons in. Yes, we tied 10 Tampons together and tied them to a long piece of string then stuffed them in the tubes.

With lots of lube and patience, we got the giant Tampon in. Then we pushed the tampons in and a string hung out.

We were not done yet. I got my enema set and filled it quarter full. I let the enema saturate the tampons and make them swell inside of him. For Drama and realness, I should have put red food coloring in it. After a few minutes I pulled the Tampons out. Which took some pulling but did fine.

Understand that both of these subs have trained their asses to take all of this. This is not play for the occasional player.

But I will say I enjoyed today! BTW, Its about that time of the Month! 🙂

Mistress Eva

Study: Women More Interested in Sex as They Get Older

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Study: Women More Interested in Sex as They Get Older
By Tom Jacobs, Miller-McCune.com

According to conventional wisdom, men have sex on the brain from
puberty until, roughly, death. The Kinsey Institute, which uses
somewhat more refined measurements, reports 54 percent of men think
about sex every day or several times a day. It adds this is true of
only 19 percent of women, making for quite a gender gap.

However, new research suggests that for females, the answer to that
question may vary considerably depending upon one’s age.

According to a new study published in the journal Personality and
Individual Differences, women’s interest in sex peaks between age 27
and 45. A research team led by psychologist Judith Easton of the
University of Texas at Austin concludes this is an unconscious
reaction to declining fertility.

A total of 827 women, recruited from the UT community and from
Craigslist.com, completed a detailed online survey that included
questions about their sexual desires and behaviors. They were grouped
into three age categories: 18-26 (high fertility); 27-45 (reduced
fertility); and 45 plus (menopausal and post-menopausal).

Those in the middle group were dubbed “RE women,” which stands for
“reproduction expediting.” (One can only hope that shorthand term
seeps into the culture. “See those two over there?” one man drinking
at a bar asks another. “They’re RE. I know it.”)

The study reveals these 27- to 45-year-old females “think more about
sex, have more frequent and intense sexual fantasies, are more willing
to engage in sexual intercourse, and report actually engaging in
sexual intercourse more frequently than women of other age groups,”
the researchers report.

Compared to older or younger women, RE women are more willing to
engage in sex after knowing a partner for either one month, one week
or one evening. Controlling for the number of children the women had,
or whether they consciously desired to have a child, did not change
the results.

And where does this urge to, er, expedite arise from? “We hypothesized
women evolved a psychological mechanism — a reproduction expedition
adaptation — that motivated them to capitalize on their remaining
fertility before likelihood of conception between less probable,” the
researchers write.

“Modern women’s sexual psychology is a consequence of such evolved
mechanisms,” they add. “One key design feature of this adaptation is
an increased desire and willingness to engage in sexual activity
during the period of declining fertility.”

The researchers concede their findings may simply reflect the fact
older women tend to have more sexual experience, and this leads to
their “increasing comfort with sexuality.” But they add that “this
alternative explanation cannot account for why, in the present study,
menopausal women consistently displayed decreased sexual motivations
and behaviors.”

So according to Easton and her colleagues, the ticking of the
biological clock is loud and clear even in women who have no desire
for children (or additional children). They conclude that, while it
may never penetrate the conscious mind, women feel an urge to
“facilitate conception before the window of opportunity closes.” Men:
You have been notified.

Tom Jacobs is a veteran journalist with more than 20 years experience
at daily newspapers. He has served as a staff writer for the Los
Angeles Daily News and the Santa Barbara News-Press. His work has also
appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Ventura County
View this story online at: http://www.alternet.org/story/147404/

Mistress Eva Says: When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was always hungry for vanilla sex. But even then I was starting to explore my Dominant side. I was experimenting with new play partners and loved it. What has always seduced me about BDSM is how Mentally Stimulating it is.

In my mid twenties I discovered that I was Bi-Sexual. I dated girls and liked it. I also became a Professional Dominatrix. I just got more and more perverted and sex became more secondary.

I would say that as I get older, the more open minded I am. Hard Limits that I set in the past now have me curious. I use to say I would never do any play that involved blood. Now I enjoy giving needle play and cuttings.

Vanilla sex can be pretty boring if there is no connection. Personally, I get more out of a intense BDSM Scene. My hitachi gets me off better than most men! lol

Make Mistress Happy! Buy Me Perverted Gifts!

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I found this wonderful site with great BDSM and Fetish Items! My wishlist consists of things I would love for my Dungeon. You will discover that wishlist has gifts for every budget. But remember, You should impress your Mistress!

What I want most is the Rimba powerbox. Also its Electro attachments for CBT, Vaginal, and Anal Play. Dont forget the Rimba Electro Gel, it helps conduct electricity!

Secondly, I want the Masters Violet Wand set. I have been wanting one for years but can never afford it. Getting this would would make me very happy and thrilled!

I would also enjoy the Black Enema Set! I love Medical Play! I would be awesome if you also got the Silicone Anal Catheter with Bulbs too. I really like my sub’s ass to be clean before we do anal play! 😉

All the rest of the gifts are things that I would really enjoy and would add to my play time.

IMPRESS ME! Spoil your Blonde Curvy Goddess!

Mistress Eva Lordes

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