Mistress Eva, Cuckolding Mistress!

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I know you are hungry to please me. Alas, your pathetic cock size cannot please me! So its time to bring in a real man for the job!

I am your trophy wife or girlfriend. You have been pussy whipped from the start. Your lavish gifts and money keep me interested but do not keep me sexually satisfied. I give you the big ultimatum! Become my cuckold or I will leave you! You know you will never find another Woman like me! Walk away and your life will be chronically masturbating to internet porn and dirty panties until you rot! You really do not have a option! You are now my Cuckold Bitch! I will be bringing Bulls to our bed! You can sleep on the floor! You know that is where you belong! I cannot wait to do a stand by comparison of your cocks! I love humiliating your sissy ass! You will love me for it!

* Hardcore Cuckolding
* Verbal & Physical Humiliation
* Sissification
* Forced Bi with Bulls
* Tight Bondage
* Cock Worship Training, Fluffing
* Strap On & Ass Fucking
* Orgasm Control, Denial & Extended Chastity
* Cream Pies and Cum Addiction
* Body Worship
* Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)
* Sissy Maid Training
* Whippings, Paddling & Canings
* Cages and Confinement
* Ball Kicking
* Complete Body Shaving
* Forced Feminization
* Estrogen Injection
* Castration Fantasy

I want to be Bred by a Alpha Bull! You get to be the proud pappa of a superior child! Think of that every time he comes his load in me! Below are my Methods for training you to be the best sissy cuckold bitch you can be!

$1.65 per minute
1-800-TO-FLIRT Extension: 94-59-455
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Shame on Summer’s Eve!

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OK, this will really offend 99% of women! Summer’s Eve (they sell douches for women and feminine products) feels that a woman needs to have a squeaky clean pussy to adance in her job.


That is like a telling a guy he needs to have ememas to succeed in business!

For the record, most women do not douche. Women were doing just fine before the douche was ever invented. I hope Summer’s Eve fires who ever thought up this crappy advertising!

Mistress Eva

My Kinky BDSM Interest List!

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Here is a complete list of my BDSM Interests!

My interests are divided for easier reading. A *Star indicates what I enjoy most! If you have a interest not listed here, ask me about it.

Where fantasy and reality meet! Limits are respected but possibly pushed!
I am a Erotic Sadist and I love what I do! Your safety always comes first!

slave training**
Doctor & patient
Teacher & student
Boss & lazy employee
Animal/Pet Training
Goddess Worship**
Forced Feminization
Dildo & Strap On Training
Giantess Fantasy*
Prisoner Scene
Human Furniture
Sexual Harassment*
Religious Scenes*
Sissy Maid Training
Castration Fantasy
Domestic Discipline**
Cop & Thief
Human Ashtray
Female Supremacy**
Physical Examination
GYN Visit/Medical Scenes*
Erotic Hypnosis
Forced Violation

Face Slapping*
Temperature Play (Think ice and candle wax!)
Wax Play*
Physical & Verbal Humiliation*
Body Punching
Asphyxiation aka Breath Play
Knife Play
Nipple Torture*
Cock & Ball Torture*
Tease and Denial*
Ball Kicking*
Urethral Sounds
Singletail Whipping*
Play Piercing
Tickle Torture

Leather Restraints*
Bondage Sleep Sack
Sensory Deprivation & Overload*
Mental & Physical Restraint
Bondage Tape
Vet Wrap
Metal Bondage
Cock & Ball Bondage*
Water Bondage

Foot Worship
Leg Worship
Boot & High Heel Worship
Ass Smothering (clothed only!)
Food Play
Messy Play
Balloon Inflation & Popping
Pantyhose and Stocking Worship
Smoking Fetish
Long Fingernails
Long Hair
Clothed Female Naked male

No Animals, NO Mommy, No Children, No Scat, and No golden showers!

Mistress Eva
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Want FREE Minutes to Call Me? Here’s How!

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OK, I want to see how many of my hot horny sluts are coming to my blog!

Here is what you need to do!
1) Email me at slaveheartquest@aol.com
2)In the Subject of the Email say, I Read your Blog Mistress Eva!
3) In the Body of the Email, I need this information:
Your first name, Your Username on Niteflirt and the name of the Listing you saw me on!
I will send a FREE Minute and a Hot FREE PIC of Me!

It’s that easy!
I want my mailbox to be full!

So send me a message now!


Mistress Eva
Your Supreme Dominatrix!
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Despite recession, good time for sex toy industry!

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Despite recession, good time for sex toy industry: Amazon, Brooklyn’s
Shag sales on the rise!


BY Joe Jackson
The Dow may be down, but the sex toy industry is heating up online and
in store. From Web behemoth Amazon to Brooklyn boutique store Shag,
sales of an increasing range of sexual accessories are on the rise.

“Everyone says thank God you opened – it’s about time,” said Sam Bard,
36, who co-founded Shag in Williamsburg last December.

“Each month’s been better than the last,” she said.

The “sexy shop” sells everything from vintage handcuffs to body paints
and hosts sex-themed events like “introductory lessons in rope-bondage.”

Bard believes the recession helped the business, which opened on
Roebling St. for rent considered low for the gentrified neighborhood.

“More couples are staying at home to save money, so rather [than]
spending $150 on a one-time dinner, they will spend the same amount
for toys that will continue to be used indefinitely,” she said.

Customers agree. “The expense of the toys is so insignificant compared
to the growth of the relationship sexually,” said Heather, 40, who
admits that even though she’s on a tight budget, she and her boyfriend
laid down $150 on a “his and her” vibrator.

Sex accessories store Babeland, which has three outlets in the city,
makes half of its sales online. It recorded an 18% spike in Web
visitors and a 13% jump in sales in 2009.

“New Yorkers account for the biggest percentage of our online sales,”
said spokeswoman Pamela Doan.

Meanwhile, even household company names are getting in on the action.
Amazon launched its Sexual Wellness page in 2003 with 338 items,
mainly condoms and lubricants. But it soon began to market more
adventurous items – restraints, vibrators and flavored lubricants.

“We’ve seen this category grow pretty significantly over the last
couple of years,” said spokeswoman Charmaine Diploa. Now the company
stocks nearly 60,000 items, with adult toys and games being the
biggest share.

A recent week’s best-selling item was the “Magic Wand Massager” – a
nonphallic vibrator – and “Doc Johnson Lucid Dream #5” – a multispeed
waterproof stimulator.

Amazon reckons its sales surge is due to its discretion – and unique
brand of convenience.

“Customers receive an Amazon box and no one needs to know what’s
inside except for that customer,” said Diploa. “And they love the fact
they can purchase a vibrator, a watch and a Kindle all in one place.”

(Mistress Eva says, There will always be death taxes and SEX! Until the human race ends, SEX will sell. Ironically, my Phone Domination/Phone Sex Business is doing well considering we are in a Recession. August was one of my busiest months! Now maybe I should sell sex toys too!)

Mistress Eva
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