Slut Calls while Sucking Cock at adult book store!

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I had a great call today! A slut named jamie called me from the adult book store. He was panting as he said hello and quickly told me had a cock to suck. He handed the phone to the other guy. I told the guy to make sure that jamie was doing a good job. I then asked him to grab jamie’s hair and fuck his face. Which he did and I could hear jamie getting his throat fucked! It was so hot!

A few minutes later, jamie got a mouthful of hot creamy cum! I made him gargle it before he swallowed all of it!

When the other guy left, I had a intense phone session with jamie. Constantly reminding him that he is a filthy cock whore! When he came, I made him eat his own cum!

What a blast!
Mistress Eva

For First Time, Women Earn More PhDs Than Men

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(Newser) – Women earned more doctoral degrees than men in the 2008-2009 academic year for the first time in US history, the Washington Post reports. The PhD is the final degree to be affected by the groundswell of women in higher education—they already outnumbered men on undergraduate and master’s degrees. As for doctoral degrees, women earned 28,962, while men earned 28,469.

“It is a trend that has been snaking its way through the educational pipeline,” said the author of the report from the Council of Graduate Schools. “It was bound to happen.”

(Mistress Eva say: There is more and more proof that women are going to rule the world!)

Craigslist Censored: Adult Section Comes Down

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Michael Arrington

Bad news for Craigslist users who like to peruse the Erotic Services Adult Services section of their site. It’s gone, replaced by a large black and white “censored” logo.

I’ve reached out to Craigslist for comment and await their reply. But the choice of words is significant – the section wasn’t simply removed, the censored word was used.

The site has been embattled as old press and state attorneys general use any excuse to blame sex crimes on the site. From South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster’s failed crusade against them to a variety of press stories about sex and other crimes. If it’s just a sex crime it isn’t a story. But if a listing on Craigslist was involved, it’s a big story.

Craigslist has fought back using little more than their blog and logic. And they’re right. Having prostitution up front and regulated, as Craigslist does, means less crime is associated with it. It’s not like prostitution, sometimes called the world’s oldest profession, was invented on the site.

The fact that eBay and others do exactly the same thing, but without human review and moderation, doesn’t seem to matter. Craigslist Sex is what scares the general population, and it’s what the press and the politicians will continue to use to get their hits and votes.

So the Craigslist Adult Section was removed. Is the world now a safer place?

Update: This only appears to affect U.S. sites, so if you’re looking for a happy ending in Saskatoon or the West Bank, have at it.

Mistress Eva says: This is a sad day for many of my Craigslist hoes! There is no telling how many of my sluts wanked to those ads let alone met the Female and Male escorts. I know many of my sissy bitches had fantasies of making me money through that site.

They say prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. It has thrived for a long time and a another site will take off where Craigslist finished. For Craigslist, it was a multimillion business so you know there are people ready to capitalize on this censorship.

To my cock whores…The Casual Encounters Section is going strong! 😉

‘Alpha-Male” Role in Hollywood is a Dying Trend, Experts Say!

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LOS ANGELES – The masculine, alpha-male movie star – brought to life in films such as “Rambo,” “Die Hard,” and “Rocky” – is becoming extinct in Hollywood, according to actress Michelle Rodriguez.

“The alpha man is dying in film, the warrior is dying,” she told us. “Hello geek.”

It may seem like an outlandish statement, considering the success of recent action films, but Rodriguez’s claims begin to take on new weight upon closer inspection.

While audiences have been flocking to see Sylvester Stallone’s undeniably man-friendly film “The Expendables,” which grossed $85 million domestically, is the success of the flick a reflection that such strong male characters are becoming few and far between? After all, the top five films at the box office so far this year have been “Alice in Wonderland,” “Toy Story 3,” “Shrek Forever After,” “Twilight Saga Eclipse” and “Inception”– not exactly representations of the ultra-masculine man. Fifteen years ago the number one film was “Independence Day,” five years before that it was “Terminator 2,” and some five years before that it was the action-packed “Top Gun.”

So, while Rodriguez’ claims may seem outrageous, does the actress have a point? Some pop culture experts seem to think so.

The success of ‘The Expendables’ is likely attributable to a carry-over nostalgia from Stallone finishing off his ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rambo’ films, as well as the novelty of having that many notable action heroes in one movie,” Andrew Hunsaker, a pop culture expert at told Pop Tarts. “The alpha male in movies these days is much less in the burly blood-soaked ‘Rambo’ vein than it is the slick smooth operators like George Clooney’s ‘Danny Ocean,’ or the thinking man’s fighter like Matt Damon’s ‘Jason Bourne’.”

Furthermore, Hunsaker added that while “The Expendables” did win at the box office two weeks in a row, it was in mid-August, a notoriously weak month for movie-going – thus it was nowhere near the level of success that action heroes in that vein enjoyed in their heyday.

So, is this shift in Hollywood’s leading men from macho to meek a reflection of a changing society in which women are becoming more independent, earning more money and perhaps don’t want a more dominant partner? It could be so, according to an article published earlier this year by the Wall Street Journal, based on studies by, the online psychology laboratory of the Face Research Laboratory at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. The study concluded that the majority of the 4,800 female participants were more attracted to the more feminine-featured males.

“In America today, we’re seeing a lot more boys disconnected with their own sense of masculinity, due in large part due to higher divorce rates, dad’s working longer hours – the strong father figure is often not around and that’s why the ‘geek’ has become much more mainstream,” explained psychiatrist Dr. Paul Dobransky, author of “Masculinity Code.”

However, Dobransky doesn’t believe the ultra-masculine man is endangered – he’s just evolving.

“Hollywood makes its movies to appeal to women, they’re the prime consumers. Women want to see what empowers them, and the ‘Rambo’ type of film is not exactly food for the soul for ladies who can’t really relate to it. [This] is why it’s not made much anymore,” he said. “These days, the superhero film is a substitute for the super-masculine action film.”

And according to dating/relationships expert and author of “The Chase,” Samantha Brett, Hollywood’s ever-growing representation of girls going after “geeky” guys may demonstrate that Tinseltown is indeed out-of-touch with reality.

“Innately, women feel most safe, protected, secure, sexy and at their peak when they are with a man who makes them feel feminine and like a woman,” she added. “It’s in our DNA!”

Girls Now think They’re Smarter Than Boys!

02/09/10 6 COMMENTS

The days of girls questioning their skills and intelligence may be coming to an end, if a recent study from Britain is to be believed.

Via Jezabel:

The BBC reports that researchers from Britain’s University of Kent gave children between four and 10 a variety of statements like, “this child is really clever” and “this child always finishes their work.” The kids were supposed to point to a picture of a boy or a girl depending on who they thought better matched the statement. Girls of all ages “said girls were cleverer, performed better, were more focused and were better behaved or more respectful,” while boys started out giving evenly divided answers, but as they got older came to agree with girls. Another study tested kids’ math, reading, and writing skills — one group was told beforehand that boys usually did worse on the test, while the other was not. Unsurprisingly, boys in the first group did perform significantly worse.

Of course, no one wants boys to suffer self-esteem problems, either. And that appears to be what this study is pointing to. As Broadsheet points out:

This will hardly surprise anyone who has paid attention to the wealth of studies showing the devastating impact stereotypes can have on girls when it comes to math. Even subtle reminders of gender — “male” or “female” check boxes, for example — can hurt girls’ test scores, and of course the same is true for boys. Lead researcher Bonny Hartley explains: “There are signs that these expectations have the potential to become self-fulfilling in influencing children’s actual conduct and achievement.” She warns teachers to avoid pitting the boys against the girls and using diminishing sayings like “silly boys” or “schoolboy pranks.”

Still, I feel a little less concern over the boys, who thus far haven’t been subjected to a barrage of toys that tell them that their gender is less intelligent than the other.

The defining feature of this study is also proves that if your child is exposed repeatedly to idea that he or she is smart, that child will believe it. It’s up to parents to build self-confidence, and for the rest of society to at least attempt not to chip away at it.

Growing smart, confident girls is our responsibility, and should be our pleasure as well. And we can do it without cutting down boys, as well.

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