International Callers Can Call Me too!

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International Callers (Outside the US and Canada) can still call your favorite flirt, even though the call button doesn’t work for you!

There are two ways to do it!

Method One:

By directly dialing into the Niteflirt phone system.

1. You will need your account “PIN” This lets you make calls
through the phone system. Your pin can be found by going to
your main account page and on the right under Personal
Information, clicking view details.

You can also get it on listings pages
on the left hand side of each listing.

2. You use your own phone to call into the site. You will be entering the international code for the United States. The number you want to dial is:


(includes the International code) You’ll have to pay any toll charges.

3. You’ll be asked for your PIN and you will be asked to enter a phone number associated with the account. (You don’t have to call from that phone)

What if you don’t have a phone number entered in the account?

For this method, you can just enter “any” number with the proper number of digits. (American phone numbers have 10 digits in a groups of 3 -3- 4. Use something easy to remember, its *only* use is that it will help you sign into your account over your phone. It does not have to be a real number for this method.

Once you’ve signed in, then you can either browse the Niteflirt menu,

or you can enter the extension for your favorite flirt.

You find your flirt’s extension on the left hand side on her listing page, right under where you found your pin

Method Two:

1. Get an American phone number. One site you can do this at is called Skype. Go to

2. Sign up for Skype and choose an American phone number.

3. Go into the Skype account and forward that number to the telephone you want to take your Niteflirt call on.

4. Put the Skype number in your Niteflirt account. Now call buttons will work.

You will have to pay the Skype per minute fee, consult their website for more details.

Mistress Eva

Will ‘Porn Lock’ in UK and France Lead to Internet Censorship?

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By: Dana Kennedy

Just days after France passed legislation requiring Internet service providers to block child-pornography websites, British officials said they want to block all porn on the Web. Critics of both “porn lock” initiatives say they may be the first steps in controlling the Internet in those countries.

Ed Vaizey, Britain’s communications minister, told the Sunday Times the government is considering a plan to restrict pornography websites to protect children from seeing them.

“This is a very serious matter. I think it is very important that it’s the ISPs that some up with solutions to protect children,” Vaizey said.

Vaizey plans to meet with the country’s Internet service providers soon about a proposal that would mean blocking porn sites so children wouldn’t be exposed to them rather than relying on existing parental controls. Customers would have to “opt-in” if they wanted access to pornography sites.

“I’m hoping they will get their acts together so that we don’t have to legislate,” Vaizey said. “But we are keeping an eye on the situation and we will have a new communications bill in the next couple of years.”

Opponents of the measures say the government is using legitimate concerns over kiddie porn and the early sexualization of children who access adult porn online as a way to gain control of the Web. Britain has already had success with measures designed to block kiddie-porn sites.

“It’s like they want to play God on the Internet,” Gilles Lordet, the Paris-based chief editor of Reporters Without Borders, told AOL News today.

“Nobody wants to be seen as fighting an attempt to cut down on kiddie porn or on children watching porn online. But it’s a very slippery slope to more censorship. We know that in a lot of undemocratic countries they start with censoring porn and they move on to other sites,” Lordet said.

Last week, France’s National Assembly passed a bill that is part of the controversial LOPPSI 2 — a law on guidelines and programming for the performance of internal security — allowing the government to filter the Internet without any judicial oversight.

The bill, expected to be approved by the Senate and become law next year, is designed so that the Ministry of the Interior can draw up a blacklist of kiddie-porn sites and tell the ISPs to block them.

Some ISPs in the U.S. reached a more open agreement in 2008 with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to purge their servers of child-porn-related newsgroups as well as kiddie-porn websites identified by a regularly updated registry.

But critics of the French bill worry that giving the government unfettered power in making a blacklist could mean increased blocking of other undesirable sites.

“If you can suppress any content on the Internet you can suppress it all,” John Perry Barlow, founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told AOL News today. “What these laws will do is requires ISPs to become censorious.”

Sponsored Links During a parliamentary debate last month in the U.K., Claire Perry, a Conservative MP who wants stricter Internet controls, said that 60 percent of 9- to 19-year-olds had watched porn online, calling the Web “the Wild West.” Perry also said that only 15 percent of computer-literate parents knew how to use filters to block access to certain sites, the Guardian reported today.

Such statistics are hard to argue with, but experts say the larger picture is more complicated.

“Anytime you see countries move in the same way restricting access to information, it may be with the best of intentions,” said Erik Sherman, a BNET analyst. “But suddenly it becomes about other things. And look clearly at the U.K.’s plan to let people ‘opt-in’ for porn sites. Opting in is a way to register people. Think about that.”

Mistress Eva: As troubling as this article is, I do not see this happening in the US. We are blessed with the constitution and the freedom of expression. I am worried about my UK pervs because they do not have the same rights as us. Niteflirt currently does not take international calls but I hope they will soon.

Time to Give Xmas Presents to Mistress Eva!

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Hello my dirty submissive boys!
This is the time of the year to give something special to your Mistress!

I am accepting Tributes, online gift certificates and of course online gifts.

Message me for my current gift ideas and delivery options!

Mistress LOVES to be Spoiled!

Mistress Eva

I want to Dominate you! Call me now slave!

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Surrender to Mistress Eva! Your Superior and Sadistic Goddess! Undress, Kneel, and call me now! Have all your sex toys ready! I am going to use and degrade you. Your mental and physical suffering excites me! Submit to me now!

Just 99 cents per minute!

1-800-TO-FLIRT Extension: 9439-577

Or simply click here: Call Button

Mistress Eva

FDA warns consumers to avoid sexual enhancement pills

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The Food and Drug Administration is warning men who take Man Up Now capsules to stop taking them immediately. The supplement contains a variation of an active ingredient found in Viagra that can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels, the agency says. It is marketed as an “herbal” and “all natural” sexual enhancement dietary supplements.

The FDA issued the warning after chemists analyzed Man Up Now and found it contains sulfoaildenafil, a chemical similar to sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. When mixed with prescription drugs, such as nitroglycerin, the FDA says, Man Up Now can cause blood pressure to drop and that can lead to dizziness or light-headedness.

By Monday morning the FDA had not received any reports of problems surrounding Man Up Now. But if you are taking the supplement and have had any problems, the FDA suggests seeing a doctor and reporting it to the FDA.

Man Up Now is distributed by Synergy Distribution, LLC and is sold online and possibly in stores, according to the FDA. CNN contacted Synergy Distribution for comment and so far, hasn’t heard back.

Mistress Eva: I knew this was going to happen. I know of at least one caller who uses these kind of “sexual enhancement pills”. Look, they are not working! Now the FDA is telling you to stop! No pill is going to make your dick bigger! No over the counter pill is going to make you last but Vigara might and its FDA approved! Stop buying this crap that is sold over the counter!

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