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Forbes: World’s Most Powerful Women 2010

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By Meghan Casserly,

Forbes’ power lists are synonymous with moguls and movie stars, heads of state and captains of business. One look at the 2010 World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list and it is clear that we’ve come up with a new ranking of the female power elite that reflects the New Order of now.

When we set out to identify this year’s list, we decided it was time to look up and out into the broader culture. Our assessment is based less on traditional titles and roles and more on creative influence and entrepreneurship. They have built distinctive companies and brands and championed weighty causes, sometimes through unconventional means; in other cases, they have broken through gender barriers.

We divided our power women candidates into four groups: politics, business, media and lifestyle (that is, entertainment, sports and fashion). We ranked the women in each group, and then ranked them group against group. Not easy, but that’s today’s reality: an incongruous, diverse mash-up of hard power (currencies and constitutions) and dynamic power (audience and audacity).

Why else would Lady Gaga (No. 7) and Ellen DeGeneres (No. 10) share top 10 billing with Michelle Obama (No. 1), Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods (No. 2), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (No. 5) and Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo (No. 6)? If anything, it’s inspiring.

[Scroll down to see list of the Top 10 Most Powerful Women in the World.]

We included many heads of state and hopeful candidates, but we also have queen makers who don’t hold office, first ladies of various sorts, Supreme Court justices and cultural icons, bankers and bestselling authors. We rely on these women for, yes, managing our money, creating paychecks and governing at home and on the international stage, but also for influencing what we eat, download, talk about around the dinner table and the causes we support. What we think and how we act.

At the top of our list, First Lady Michelle Obama is a true change-maker since taking lodge in the White House in 2008. The first African-American in the post, she’s changed the face of the office (literally), and with consistently high approval ratings, she’s given a new generation of girls and women around the world a role model. A former private attorney and public servant in Chicago, her interest in working with young people and advocating for healthy eating, among other issues, is evidenced by her Let’s Move! campaign, which aims to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation.

Power women are connected, each one leveraging the power of the next. As a result of Let’s Move!, for example, major food and drink manufacturers (including Rosenfeld’s Kraft Foods and Nooyi’s PepsiCo) have pledged to cut 1.5 trillion calories from their products by 2015 through new products, recipes and reduced portion sizes. At the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) last month, Secretary of State Clinton led a plenary session on empowering women and girls, a new CGI action area, and attended by Katie Couric (No. 22), Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan (No. 76) and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (No. 86).

Back to how Nooyi and talk show host DeGeneres landed together among the top 10 most powerful women in the world? While Nooyi helms PepsiCo, which has revenues of $43 billion annually and a portfolio of brands that include Tropicana, Frito Lay and Gatorade, DeGeneres directly connects with 3 million viewers every weekday through her talk show. And that’s just one hour of her day.

Off-camera, the out-and-proud DeGeneres spreads her message to more than 5 million Twitter followers, notably bringing national attention to a gay teen’s fight for same-sex prom dates last spring. Her high-profile, high-energy personality — as a television host, CoverGirl model and former judge of American Idol — has made LGBT issues more than mainstream. She’s instilled a sense of glee and attractiveness to it all.


Mistress Eva: I must admitt, when I saw that Lady GaGa was #7, I smiled. I love her style and the strength she shows in her performances. Plus she can sing well too! I also like how she highlights Fetish, BDSM and Sexuality in her videos and shows. I think she is a class act.

I was also happy to see that three black women made the top ten.

I am happy that a Lesbian, Helen DeGeneres was picked. But I must admit that I am confused why Forbes considers her to be in the Top Ten of the Most Powerful Women in the World? Is it her revenue or her fan base or both??

Thoughts, opinions?

Transgender College Basketball Player Deals With Wave of Publicity [VIDEO]

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Mistress Eva. This is a female born person who wishes to be male. I find him to very brave.

Man Has $6,500 Love Doll ‘Reincarnated’

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Man Has $6,500 Love Doll ‘Reincarnated’
By Natalie O’Neil

Let’s pretend, for a second, you’re a lonesome guy who has bad luck with women. You buy an upscale silicone love doll and grow attached to “her”; but, after a decade of lovin’, she starts to fall apart.

What’s a man to do?

If you’re 37-year-old Michigan telemarketer Dave Cat, you have the $6,500 rubber lady “reincarnated.” Which is to say, you commission an exact replica of her to be stripped, molded and painted. And you bring her back from the freakin’ dead.

Dave considers himself a “doll husband” and hasn’t dated a flesh-and-blood woman since he bought his Real Doll — a synthetic female with a skeletal frame, joints, and rubber sex organs — in July 2000.

So imagine his sense of horror when, a few months ago, he noticed an 8-inch tear in her lower back, where her plastic hips connect to a spine. “She was literally bed-ridden,” he tells Asylum. “I couldn’t take her downstairs, and the sex was very limited.”

Worried, he called Real Doll founder Matt McMullen, who is the mad scientist of the sex-doll industry. “He asked us to save her,'” McMullen says. “To me it was really touching.”

“People are so unpredictable.”
Dave spent years conceiving his doll’s personality and back story. He’ll tell you her name is Sidore — “friends call her Si-Chan” — and that she was born near Tokyo, but later moved to England. She’s a Goth and is “partial to Joy Division, Mecha-based video games and foot rubs.”

Dave carries her photo in his wallet (she’s posing in a gray skirt), buys her clothes on eBay (skimpy latex get-ups) and spends Sundays canoodling with her on a loveseat in the suburbs (where they watch a lot of spy movies). To show his love, he even bought her a wedding ring.

Although he regularly has sex with the 80-pound doll (more on that later), to him, her primary function is companionship. “People are so unpredictable,” he says. “She is a forgiving, accepting partner, which is incredibly hard to find in an organic woman.”

Dave is part of an online community of doll lovers, most of them social outcasts, who have dubbed themselves iDollators.

He also blogs openly about the relationship and even set up Sidore with a Twitter feed, which shows an image of her sporting purple hair and glasses. She seems to have a wry sense of humor: “The way my lad goes on about his sinuses giving him grief,” she tweets. “I’m rather glad I don’t have any.”

“I can’t take her to concerts, films or, you know, Best Buy.”
Dave first noticed strange feelings about inanimate objects as a boy. When, as an adult, his live-in girlfriend turned out to be a pathological liar and a cokehead who stole some of his belongings, he stopped investing time and energy in human women.

He heard about Real Doll in the late-’90s and first tried to get a loan to buy Sidore, but bankers denied him. After pinching pennies, he picked out her body and face from dozens of choices and purchased her for $5,000 in 2000.

The day she arrived in the mail, Dave had sex with her. True to life, the first time was a little awkward: She was stiff, and he didn’t know whether she could bend certain ways. The way he puts it, “You’re not going to pick up a violin for the first time and play a sonata.”

These days he uses a lot of lube and warms her under an electric blanket before sex.

Dave’s family doesn’t approve of his “wife.” Also, emotional bonding with an inanimate object has an obvious downside: “I can’t take her to concerts, films or, you know, Best Buy.”

But he’s happy with his decision to send his lady in for retooling. After he paid a discounted price and waited a few weeks (“It’s the longest we’ve ever been apart”), a brand-new Sidore arrived at his home this past May, nearly identical but 20 pounds lighter and with a fairer skin tone.

Chances are, he won’t need to have her reincarnated a second time, since Real Dolls are no longer tin-based and have a longer “shelf life.”

And if a real girl comes along someday? Dave says he’s not looking for anyone with a pulse, although he admits he wishes Sidore could make sushi, drive him to work and accompany him to the pet shop.

Later, he thinks for a second and says, “Also, she can’t interact. I mean, she is a doll.”

Mistress Eva: I need to sleep before I comment here. I had real busy night on Niteflirt. I will have a mind bending comment here soon! lol

Oral Sex, HPV, and Throat Cancer in Male Teens!

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Health Officials Warn of Links Between Oral Sex, HPV, and Throat
Cancer in Male Teens

WTVD-TV/DT: HPV Vaccine for Boys?:

Health officials say there is important information that parents and
teens need to know about — oral sex is leading to throat cancer.

Most couples say talk about sex has not included oral sex and the link
to throat cancer.

“Definitely not, definitely not,” NC State junior Justin Maness said.

“I never thought that oral sex would come into play like that,” NC
State junior Leah Maxwell said.

But doctors say it has — the human papillomavirus or HPV, which
causes cervical cancer in woman, is now showing up in head and neck
cancers with a rising number of cases in young men.

They say the type of throat cancer they’re seeing in young men from
HPV is the type they see in someone who’s been smoking for years. . . .

Mistress Eva: OK, I think all my slaves need to look into getting the HPV vaccine! I know alot of you pride yourself on your oral skills. A bunch of you are sucking a lot of cocks too! Its better to be safer than sorry. 🙁

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