I knew early on that I was different than most girls. I learned and embraced the power of my sexuality.  I soon discovered I had a strong sadistic side. I sharpened my diabolical skills to became a formidable Mistress! I have a fetish for making strong men cry! I love getting into your mind and turning you into my eager slave. I am to be worshiped and adored. I have been described as elegant, sophisticated, and graceful.

In 2003, a submissive  introduced me to I LOVE verbally putting men in their place! I quickly became known for my razor wit and blistering verbal lashings. I have a talent for verbal humiliation and degradation. I have become a highly rated phone Mistress with a huge following! Call me and hear the difference!
My Spirituality goes hand to hand with my beliefs in Female Superiority. I am Wiccan, a Goddess Worshiper. I celebrate sexuality instead of condemning it. Alas, I enjoy the forbidden, the dark and the taboo.
I own a real Dungeon room. Loaded with all kinds of whips, restraints and sex toys. I love sharing my stories about scenes I have done. I have totally revamped my website! I hope you enjoy it.  This is the start of something big. I plan on adding lots of content. Welcome to my Empire!