International Callers Can Call Me too!

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International Callers (Outside the US and Canada) can still call your favorite flirt, even though the call button doesn’t work for you!

There are two ways to do it!

Method One:

By directly dialing into the Niteflirt phone system.

1. You will need your account “PIN” This lets you make calls
through the phone system. Your pin can be found by going to
your main account page and on the right under Personal
Information, clicking view details.

You can also get it on listings pages
on the left hand side of each listing.

2. You use your own phone to call into the site. You will be entering the international code for the United States. The number you want to dial is:


(includes the International code) You’ll have to pay any toll charges.

3. You’ll be asked for your PIN and you will be asked to enter a phone number associated with the account. (You don’t have to call from that phone)

What if you don’t have a phone number entered in the account?

For this method, you can just enter “any” number with the proper number of digits. (American phone numbers have 10 digits in a groups of 3 -3- 4. Use something easy to remember, its *only* use is that it will help you sign into your account over your phone. It does not have to be a real number for this method.

Once you’ve signed in, then you can either browse the Niteflirt menu,

or you can enter the extension for your favorite flirt.

You find your flirt’s extension on the left hand side on her listing page, right under where you found your pin

Method Two:

1. Get an American phone number. One site you can do this at is called Skype. Go to

2. Sign up for Skype and choose an American phone number.

3. Go into the Skype account and forward that number to the telephone you want to take your Niteflirt call on.

4. Put the Skype number in your Niteflirt account. Now call buttons will work.

You will have to pay the Skype per minute fee, consult their website for more details.

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