Why “Wimpy” Men make better Husbands.

27/04/12 3 COMMENTS

By Kait Smith


A new study says that when the economy is bad, women turn to sensitive and caring men.
Researchers from Southampton Solent University in the U.K have found that in times of economic turmoil, women prefer gentle, sensitive men.

The long-form explanation of their research findings makes sense. Overall, when financial times are tough, as they are right now, ladies are more attracted to loving and sensitive men. This conclusion was drawn after researchers had more than 150 women to rate men’s online dating profiles. They were then asked to rate which men were dateable, and which were marriage-worthy. Overall, women favored the aforementioned “wimpy” men rather than the “macho” ones, who would take command in a relationship.

Obviously we can’t argue with research study results, but we can disagree with the use of the word “wimpy” by The Daily Mail, which originally published news of the study. It just doesn’t make sense to call a loving and sensitive man wimpy (unless, of course, you’re a bully on a 90s Nickelodeon show). As our friends at The Stir argue, “who doesn’t want a man who can show emotion, love deeply, and tune into his partner’s emotions? Alpha males are great, but they don’t make the best husbands.”


Mistress Eva: If I was ever to marry, a sensitive submissive man, he would need to be a cuckold too. I would still like to fuck the Alpha men. 😉

Feminine Power

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The following is an Interpretation from Chandramaharosana Tantra : –

“Women are heaven; women are dharma (truth);
and women are the highest sacrament.

Women are Buddha; women are the sangha (community);
and women are the Perfection of Wisdom”

In tantra we believe , that god is in fact not a man but a woman, tantra says that woman are the highest dharma and woman are the highest spirituality, The qualities of compassion, kindness, forgiveness are all feminine qualities and are all derived from the great mother herself. Woman create life, they give birth, and so the creation of this universe was done by a feminine force, so to speak. Tantra, therefore teaches us to give the greatest of respect to all woman, at all times.
Tantra also says that woman must never be disrespected, and that she must be allowed complete freedom at all times.
The reason I have brought this Topic up is because throughout history, Woman have been suppressed, often violently, In dark Ages, free thinking woman were burned alive at stake, Even Tantra was subdued, Its teachings Condemned because it gave so much power and prestige to Woman.
Somehow i believe, that had religions like Tantra, which put woman at the helm or the very top, been allowed to flourish, The world in general could have been a very very different place.

Do you agree??

Seduced by Satan?

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This is a interview with the Daughter of Anton LaVey. By many he he was the Father of Satanism in America. Do you think she could lure you to the Dark Side? I think she is pretty hot. The interviewer is a Christian Pastor who does Exorcisms. (I think he is religious zealot that does great acting)

Mistress Eva

Great Wig Website for My Sissies and TS Girls

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My girls are always complaining that they cannot find pretty wigs.

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Mistress Eva
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Chastity Lovers! Try Dreamlover ChronoVault!

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This is the Ultimate Chastity Management Solution! I would love for my Chastity sluts to do this! Then I would not have to worry about losing the keys in the mail. Also I would know the key is secure.


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