Chastity Lovers! Try Dreamlover ChronoVault!

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This is the Ultimate Chastity Management Solution! I would love for my Chastity sluts to do this! Then I would not have to worry about losing the keys in the mail. Also I would know the key is secure.

The only time-lock safe designed for male chastity training and progressive deacclimation.

Full internet control from any standards-compliant PC or mobile browser.

Tamper evident: no external fasteners, sturdy construction, unauthorized opening requires time-consuming device destruction.

Lightweight, portable
Integrates with the DreamLover Male Training courses
Scriptable / programmable

Only $499 USD (376 EUR, 314 GBP)

Benefits for single males

Control energy wasting addictions
Reclaim your productive time
Have more energy to channel into constructive activities
Practice Sex Transmutation
Jump-start your training, advertise* your results and attract a suitable companion

Sissy Whore Pimped Out! FREE Video!

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One of my horny sissies sent me this video! I loved it! Enjoy!

Attributes of a good Submissive male.

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There is not a week that goes by that I do not get a sub asking me to be his Mistress. Understand its takes more than being able to take pain or licking my pussy for hours.

To be a good phone submissive, be able to communicate your needs and desires well. I am a Amazing Mistress but I am not a mind reader. Also tell me if you have big turnoffs. With that being said, I will then know how I wish to direct your training. Be very eager to please me. OBEY! Do not cum without my permission! I will use you well! When your phone training session is done, Thank your Mistress. Then leave me great written feedback. I like for my subs to call at least once weekly but more is encouraged.

Are you curious about what I require from my Lifestyle submissives?
First and foremost, they need to be trustwothy. Never lie to me. A personal submissive is responsible for serving me and caring for everything I own. I need to be able to trust you with my home if I am away. Lying and stealing is punished with prompt dismissal. I have zero tolerance for it.

Trust is the Foundation for any healthy relationship.

A personal submissive should very eager to please. For him its a need. Be quick to do whatever I ask of you. Making me smile gives you pure bliss.

You must be a obedient. What I order becomes a law for you. Disobey and you will be punished. Obey and please me, you may get rewarded.

You must need structure. I will bring structure to your chaotic life. I will know your daily routine intimately. I will become the center of your Universe. I will not take away your time for work, family, friends or your spiritual faith. The rest I will control.

A potential submissive must be single. I do not allow married men to serve me personally. If you lie to your wife, you can lie to me. The same goes for girlfriends too.

A good submissive should be devoted. When you are being trained by me, you serve no other. If I find out you are serving another Mistress, you will be instantly dismissed. I invest a lot of time and effort into my personal submissives. If you cannot give 100%, why should I?

You must have time to serve me. Starting out, I will train you once weekly but as we progress, I will want to see you more often. Eventually, I will want you to serve me daily. If you do not have the time, do not waste my time!

I do prefer masochists or subs who enjoy taking pain. I am really a Erotic Sadist. I enjoy increasing the pain threshold of my subs. If you have seen my list of BDSM Interests, you know I am very experienced in wide variety of torture and Fetishes. Yes, I really do what I list!

A good submissive should be gainfully employed. If you dream of being a 24/7 house slave, then we are not a good fit. I am not a Sugar Momma! If I choose to train you, you will contribute to the household. Especially if you live with me. I am a Queen and I love being spoiled. If you do not like to spoil your Mistress, we are not a good fit.

I enjoy Chastity Training for my personal submissives. It is a very effective training tool. If you cannot handle it, we are not a good fit.

Long Distance subs are OK but hard to train well. I will not relocate to your home. You will come to me.

You must love cats! I own 5 amazing cats and I consider them family, Hurt them and I will come after your ass!

I am naturally Nocturnal. That means I am up all night and sleep most of the day. I am pretty goth minus the black hair in many ways. lol I have tried to become a day walker so many times and it never lasts.

I am Wiccan and you need to be OK with that. Yes, I am a Goddess Worshipper! That does not mean that I will try to convert you but you do need to be supportive.

There must be a “connection” between us. Otherwise are just going through the motions. If we connect, it will happen naturally.

Last but not least, your must be comfortable with me being Professional Dominatrix and Phone Mistress. My work is a passion of mine. I love what I do. Except if you are a millionare, I plan of doing my work until I am too old to do it anymore. If you cannot handle that, do not

That about sums it up. If you have any questions, you may comment here or message me privately.

In Leather, In Link,
Mistress Eva