Great Wig Website for My Sissies and TS Girls

07/04/12 0 COMMENTS

My girls are always complaining that they cannot find pretty wigs.

Well check out this site!

They have a lot of styles and varying price ranges. Starting out, you don’t have to pay $600.00 for a wig. Just get something fun and pretty!

Mistress Eva
99 Cents per minute!
Feminization Line: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9443543 or
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Chastity Lovers! Try Dreamlover ChronoVault!

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This is the Ultimate Chastity Management Solution! I would love for my Chastity sluts to do this! Then I would not have to worry about losing the keys in the mail. Also I would know the key is secure.

The only time-lock safe designed for male chastity training and progressive deacclimation.

Full internet control from any standards-compliant PC or mobile browser.

Tamper evident: no external fasteners, sturdy construction, unauthorized opening requires time-consuming device destruction.

Lightweight, portable
Integrates with the DreamLover Male Training courses
Scriptable / programmable

Only $499 USD (376 EUR, 314 GBP)

Benefits for single males

Control energy wasting addictions
Reclaim your productive time
Have more energy to channel into constructive activities
Practice Sex Transmutation
Jump-start your training, advertise* your results and attract a suitable companion

Crossdressing. When did you start?

22/02/12 9 COMMENTS

Hello My Crossdressing girls!
I would like to know when you started to crossdress? I know for some of you started really early. Did you dress up in your sister’s clothes or your Mother’s? How did it feel?

Or did you discover your feminine side later?

Mistress Eva

Wish to discuss by Phone? Calls are 99 Cents per minute.

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9443543
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Sissy Whore Pimped Out! FREE Video!

10/04/11 4 COMMENTS

One of my horny sissies sent me this video! I loved it! Enjoy!

Something For My Sissy Whores!

15/03/11 0 COMMENTS

If you enjoy getting your thought across along with some bling, then this is the way to go! Get this “RIDE ME” Necklace by Betsey Johnson! Its Just $150.00 and you will be the star at the glory hole!

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