Seduced by Satan?

20/04/12 1 COMMENTS

This is a interview with the Daughter of Anton LaVey. By many he he was the Father of Satanism in America. Do you think she could lure you to the Dark Side? I think she is pretty hot. The interviewer is a Christian Pastor who does Exorcisms. (I think he is religious zealot that does great acting)

Mistress Eva

Happy Halloween and Samhain! Let your Freak out!

30/10/10 0 COMMENTS

I wanted to wish a Happy Halloween and Samhain to all my friends and submissives! This is when the veils between the dead and living are the thinnest! Now is a good time to honor your dearly departed. Every Samhain, I prepare a dish for my dead relatives and place it outside for them. I also light a candle in their honor. Its a kind gesture to give them energy as they journey here.

I will be giving out Candy for Trick and Treaters! I love doing it! It brings back memories of my Halloween adventures as a kid. Nine times out of ten, I was a Princess! lol

I am a Wiccan Witch. I have been studying Wicca since I was seventeen years old. I plan on doing a Ritual to honor my Goddess. Also Samhain is the ideal time for divination and using crystal balls. I own a beautiful quartz crystal ball that I will be scrying with. Should be a powerful night!

So what are you doing for Halloween? This is the only time of the year that you can dress up as a Hooker and get away with it! lol So go ahead, get your freak on! Go into the night and celebrate your perv side!

If you run into a sexy blond dressed as a Witch, watch out! It could be me! 😉

I will be taking some calls on Halloween but I am not sure exactly when. Look for me!

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