Product Review: Hitachi Wand *****

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THE HITACHI WAND (Price Range $50.00 – $100.00)

This toy is BY FAR My favorite toy so far EVER!!! Guys get this for your girlfriend or wife and she will love you for it!

The 3 drawbacks to this toy that I have heard and know from personal experience are…

1. It’s kind of loud… not a toy to be using with your kids falling asleep in the next room.

2. Some women say they find it too strong. This can be rectified by purchasing an attachment for the head ($9-$35 roughly).

3. IT’S ADDICTIVE!!! To the point that you will want to use it A LOT!!! The first year I owned it I limited Myself to 1 or 2 times a week… now I use it almost daily!!!

4. It has a electrical plug so no batteries!

The GREAT things about this toy are…

1. It’s built well and rarely breaks down… I have had Mine for 2 1/2 years and at a price point of about $100 I have completely gotten My money worth!!!

2. It works FAST!!!

3. I was able to use it to achieve multiple orgasms and to squirt which I was unable to do before spending time with this new lover!!! LOL

4. There is now a male attachment which I have seen used first hand and works GREAT!!!

5. It can slightly desensitize in order to work at larger insertions of toys or fisting if that is your interest.

6. You can put a rubber glove over the head for cleanliness

7. It can be used on men for genital stimulation or torture… hehehe

8. AND it’s actually a massager which I have used a number of times on sore muscles!!!

WARNING… Do NOT insert this toy. It will break and I have read threads about it producing a spark which can be scary!!!! Tho I have never met anyone personally who has told Me this.

I give this toy the HIGHEST rating and strongly suggest it!!!

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Clyde Hobbs Talked Dirty To 911 Operators, Oklahoma Cops Say

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(OK, the first thing I thought when reading this was, Is he one of my callers? lol!)

He apparently needed assistance — just not the kind 911 provides.

Police say that Clyde Hobbs, 72, called emergency operators in Oklahoma at least 17 times on Saturday. But Hobbs’ only apparent emergency was his insatiable desire for sexy talk, KWTV reported.

Hobbs allegedly made sexually oriented comments toward operators each time he called, and eventually led cops to come knocking. The Oklahoman reports that when they arrived at the residence, Hobbs’ wife answered the door.

When they found Hobbs, he asked, “Are you here to arrest me again?”

Indeed, this isn’t the first time the Oklahoma City man has made a 911 booty call. Cops said he’s been arrested three times for the stunt, including once in 2007.

Hobbs was allegedly belligerent on the way to jail. He was booked on charges of making false reports and his bail was set at $34,000.

Porn Stars vs Rick Santorum

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Every Day is a Wank off day but make May 1st special.

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Something to Tease & Tempt you!

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Just because I can!

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The Scientific Case for Masturbation

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(The Link above has pop ups. So I am posting the full article here.)

The Scientific Case for Masturbation
By: Sharon Begley
Why O’Donnell gets it wrong: being ‘master of your domain’ does not help procreation.

O’Donnell’s mid-’90s crusade against autoeroticism wasn’t based on science.
Since Christine “I’m Not a Witch” O’Donnell is campaigning for the U.S. Senate and not the directorship of the Kinsey Institute, maybe we should give her a pass when it comes to her views on sex and, specifically, masturbation. But that would be a mistake: the stakes are simply too high, going all the way up the very survival of our species. For while O’Donnell crusaded against masturbation in the mid-1990s, denouncing it as “toying” with the organs of procreation and generally undermining baby making, the facts are to the contrary. Evidence from elephants to rodents to humans shows that masturbating is—counterintuitively—an excellent way to make healthy babies, and lots of them. No one who believes in the “family” part of family values can let her claims stand.

The science is straightforward. Whenever a behavior is common in the animal kingdom, biologists suspect it has an adaptive function. That is, the behavior enabled individual animals to survive better and leave more offspring than animals that did not engage in the behavior. As a result, genes for the behavior spread throughout that population until it became essentially ubiquitous. And so it is with autoeroticism, which is common—really common. As the Science in Seconds blog noted this week, what with “spanking the monkey,” “charming the snake,” and “freeing willy,” a remarkable number of the slang terms for pleasuring oneself refer to animals. That reflects reality: the practice has been documented in Japanese macaques, gibbons, baboons, chimps, elephants, dogs, cats, horses, lions, donkeys, “and walruses that manage to flog the bishop with their fins.” (Bonus for clicking on the blog link above: excellent photo of an elephant in flagrante dilecto.)

Christine O’Donnell has shown she can hold her own at the polls in Delaware, but she’s apparently against people ‘holding their own’ in other respects. The late-night comics can’t help but react.
What, then, might be its adaptive function? How can autoeroticism help animals triumph in the war of survival of the fittest? Lucky for us, scientists have been pondering this. There are four basic theories, each with some support in one or another animal species (I’m not counting the sexual-outlet hypothesis, which posits that masturbation is not adaptive but is just a byproduct of sexual arousal, which is definitely adaptive):

A History of Multiple Births »
1. Masturbation might remove old, worn-out, broken sperm from the reproductive tract. That would increase the fraction of healthy, speedy sperm, improving a male’s chance of becoming a father. “In humans, masturbation increases sperm quality (by promoting younger sperm) without affecting sperm numbers in the female reproductive tract,” notes biologist Jane Waterman of the University of Central Florida in a new paper in the journal PLoS One. As far back as 1993, biologists had observed that masturbating decreased the number of sperm a man delivered the next time he had sex with his partner, but not the number of sperm the woman retained. They concluded that “masturbation is a male strategy to increase sperm fitness.”

Research presented at a science meeting last year offered support for the fitter-sperm idea. Ejaculating daily for seven days improved sperm quality as measured by the amount of DNA damage: levels of damage averaged 34 percent on a standard measurement index after three days’ abstinence, but after a week of … um, non-abstinence, the level of damage dropped to 26 percent, in the “fair” range for sperm quality. Looking only at men whose sperm damage decreased (in a few, damage got worse for some reason), the average damage level fell to just under 23 percent—putting them in the “good” range. In addition, sperm motility rose significantly. Result: healthier and possibly more babies.

2. Masturbation might be a form of advertising. According to this idea, males that engage in autoeroticism signal to possible mates as well as competitors how much they have to offer. “Males may advertise their high quality,” explains Waterman, “signaling that they have high quantities of sperm and can afford to waste some.” Result: more mating, more babies, more families. We hasten to add that masturbation as advertising does not apply (we really, really hope) to humans.

3. Masturbation might be a sort of victory lap. Some animals masturbate after they mate. Since other members of a group know this, then masturbation signifies that the male engaging in this behavior was the chosen partner of other females. Females who are still shopping for a mate might be inspired by that information to copy their choice, as in, “if he was good enough for her …” Result: more mating, more babies.

4. Masturbation can serve a hygiene function. According to this idea, males engage in autoeroticism because it cleans the reproductive tract and reduces the chance of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease from a female that he mated with and who had other recent partners. Result: a lower incidence of STDs, better sexual hygiene, more mating, more babies.

The STD function is what Waterman inferred about masturbation after she spent 2,000 (!) hours observing the Cape ground squirrel (Xerus inauris) of Namibia. As she explains in PLoS One, “an oral masturbation was recorded when a male sat with head lowered and an erect penis in his mouth, being stimulated with both mouth (fellatio) and forepaws (masturbation), while the lower torso moved forward and backwards in thrusting motions, finally culminating in an apparent ejaculation.” The behavior was much more frequent on days when females were fertile, and mostly occurred after mating. That would seem odd, since it wastes huge numbers of sperm just when they have the best chance of finding a willing egg. Odd, too, is the observation that males masturbated more when their mate had had a lot of other suitors (female Cape ground squirrels mate with up to 10 males in their three-hour fertile period). But there is one explanation that makes sense of a behavior that occurs after mating, and more often when a male has mated with a particularly promiscuous female: masturbation is a way for males to reduce the chance of infection, since saliva has antibacterial properties. Since STDs can destroy fertility, sexual hygiene through masturbation is a way for male squirrels to keep making babies.

And what about females? There have been far fewer observations of females masturbating in the wild, though bonobos are well known for this form of eroticism (and every other, it seems). One popular theory for why females might indulge, however, is incorrect—namely, the idea that orgasm (during or right after mating) might propel sperm to the egg. To the contrary, scientists reported in a 2002 paper, “vaginal and uterine contractions … have been misinterpreted as powering rapid sperm transport to facilitate fertilization, but such fast transport would lead to the tubal deposition of noncapacitated, incompetent spermatozoa,” which would not lead to conception. Instead, primatologists conclude, in the case of females the purpose is simply to “produce enjoyable sensations”.

All in all, and across species great and small, autoeroticism (at least among males) is a cornerstone of procreation and thus the formation of families. Were O’Donnell’s unscientific views of the practice to spread, it would be a worrisome threat to family values.

Mistress Eva: I am usually all for Female Politicians BUT I am very glad that O’Donnell did not win.. Someone who so many hangups about sexuality really worries me. Usually, its a sign of many more hangups that are just brimming under the surface.

I think Masturbation is healthy as long as it does not control your life. I talk to MANY Chronic Masturbators on Niteflirt. They eat, sleep, piss, work and masturbate (not always in that order!). Are you a Chronic Masturbater or just a daily happy ending?