Now we know why AT&T gave up Niteflirt!

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AT&T moves to eliminate dial-a-porn

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By Editorial Staff
Published April 2, 2008

The dial-a-porn industry has been severely crippled by a recent decision by the American Telephone & Telegraph Company to consign dial-a-porn companies obscure phone numbers, and to eliminate profit by changing the rate structure.

AT&T’s move came after March 15 when it received federal approval to stop giving dial-a-porn services a share of the proceeds from the calls. Prior to the new rate structure, AT&T paid each company two to five cents for every call beyond 2,000 daily, which could earn as much as $5,000 every day.

However, the per-call payment has been eliminated for a special class of customers – those who AT&T officials say do not match its corporate advertising philosophy. Dial-a-porn companies now have two options: either continue to provide the service without compensation or surrender their national lines to AT&T.

Additionally, the companies may face a penalty of $500 per day if they do not receive at least 2,000 calls. Those with multiple lines will have to pay multiple penalties.

Although AT&T officials claim that the decision was based purely on marketing strategy, and not on moral grounds, anti-pornography organizations across the U.S. view it as a significant victory. Telephone porn has become a particularly negative influence on children in the U.S. in recent years, and porn call numbers are reportedly widely circulated among children in elementary and high schools.

MISTRESS EVA: This is a article but I thought my callers would think its interesting. About three years ago, Niteflirt and Keen were one Company. AT&T bought Keen but did not buy Niteflirt. Niteflirt was forced to transition to its on technical platform. That is when callers noticed many glitches. Many features were taken away for the Flirts too. One being able to get International calls. Niteflirt is still having technical problems. Considering I use Niteflirt for Adult Billing and a place to promote myself, Its been very frustrating because they take a 30% cut of my profits. I can only hope they will continue to improve their site for me and my callers.

I have to say this is the first time I have heard of kids “WIDELY” sharing Phone Sex Phone Numbers, let alone calling a Phone Sex Company! Niteflirt is careful that no underage boys call us.

Amanda Logue, Porn Star ‘Sunny Dae’, Gets 40 Years In Prison For Sex Party Murder

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unny Dae is known for her bondage — and now she’ll be restrained for a long, long time.

Amanda Logue — a Florida porn star actor known as “Sunny Dae” — pleaded guilty Monday to second-degree murder in the killing of tattoo parlor owner Dennis “Scooter” Abrahamsen during a sex party in May 2010, the Tampa Bay Times.

Logue, 30, and her porn actor boyfriend, 28-year-old Jason Andrews, planned to have sex after they stabbed Abrahamsen and then smashed his skull in with a sledgehammer.

The victim’s mangled corpse was found lying on a massage table in his New Port Richey home. He was 41.

“You’re not a person,” said Donna Rella, Abrahamsen’s cousin, to Logue in court on Monday. “You’re an evil being.”

In exchange for her plea, Logue received a reduced sentence and 40 years in the slammer. She could have faced life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder.

Andrews pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in January, and agreed to spend the rest of his life in prison without possibility of parole.

Investigators say that Logue was hired as a prostitute at the 2010 sex party. They stated that Logue was inside “servicing” Abrahamsen while Andrews waited outside with the sledgehammer.

The two exchanged haunting text messages leading up to the murder.

“I’m so glad you’re really commited (sic) to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc. for me!” Andrews wrote to Logue. “Just get him on his face either bash or tell me to get in and where to go.”

The couple stole $6,000, credit cards and a video camera, ABC News reported.

In court Monday, Rella could barely contain her anger when talking about Abrahamsen.

“I hope any time you close your eyes, he comes and haunts you for the rest of your pathetic life,” she said to Logue.

MISTRESS EVA SAYS: It is very important to get to know your play partners. If you decide to play with someone new, have other people around you. Most public and group Dungeon has DMs (Dungeon Monitors)who make sure the play is safe. The key is to get to know your play partners BUT you are always putting your at risk when you play with someone alone! Be careful!

What happens when you invite a TV reporter to a Dungeon Party?

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by Hardy Haberman | May 9, 2012
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What happens when you invite a TV reporter to a dungeon play party? You end up on TV and in the middle of a real media circus.

In Detroit, a reporter for the NBC affiliate, WDIV got invited to a local play party as he was investigating a murder. The suspect in the case was a participant in the BDSM community, but the murder was not BDSM related and in fact may be a murder for hire committed by a third party. The story is still developing, but the damage to the local BDSM scene has already happened.

The report which played last night on Detroit TV had little to do with the murder or the suspect other than to lean heavily on his involvement with BDSM. The majority of the piece was blurry video with lurid descriptions of the activities that take place at the party. Now to those in the community, these are almost commonplace, but when sensationalized, and in this case really sensationalized it seems dangerous and scary, especially to vanilla folk.

To make things worse the report gave the address of the party, a local VFW hall. All the footage of the event was shot with a hidden camera, so the participants did not know they were being filmed. Luckily the TV station blurred out all the faces but to the participants it must have felt like a violation of their privacy, and it was just that.

The report added no new information to the story of the suspect murder and was designed specifically to scare people with the “debauchery” going on in the peaceful suburban neighborhood. Never mind the fact that this party has been happening on a regular basis for a long time with no complaints, it is great stuff for ratings and TV news is all about ratings.

Now lots of people who attended that party are frightened, perhaps more than the viewers who saw the shadowy figures and blurred video on TV. They are afraid of being “outed” as kinky. Sadly in this country “kinky” is not a protected class and often people lose their families and jobs by being exposed.

The fears of the BDSM community in Detroit may be unfounded, but the hubbub this incident has caused should give people a few valuable lessons. If you are not “out” as kinky, then you need to make sure any event you attend is really a private party. That means invited folk only and/or all participants have signed some sort of release that assures they are not offended by the activities taking place and agree not to photograph or reveal names and identities of any other attendees. These are pretty standard at most play parties, but apparently in Detroit they were not used.

Secondly, do not invite the press to a play party! News folk look for sensational images, specifically TV journalists and whips and crosses make for sensational images, even if the reality of a play party is far from the imagined images vanilla people might have in their minds. Additionally, once the press splashes something like this all over peoples TV screens, some folks will complain to local authorities and next thing you know, the police are visiting any event that looks remotely out of the norm. In most cases what we do in a dungeon might not be illegal, but police will arrest first and ask questions later. I would not be surprised if a wave of “vice” operations followed closely on the heels of this report in Detroit.

The unintended consequences of this might be very severe for some people and that is what makes this even worse.

Now, to be honest, most cities have some kind of BDSM activity going on, and the police and authorities are not blind to it. I have spoken with law enforcement people about this and to a great extent their attitude is, if no one is getting hurt and there is not any prostitution going on they have bigger fish to fry. The difference in Detroit may be the murder investigation and just how much involvement BDSM may play in the crime. My suspicion is it is completely tangential, but that is for the police and courts to find out.

Meanwhile, kinky folk in Detroit should take a deep breath and then use some common sense next time they get an inquiry from a reporter about attending a party.

We don’t want to scare the Muggles!

Mistress Eva: I am on a BDSM/Fetish Social Network called and this incident has spread through the site like wild fire. When you go to a public Dungeon party, you are trusting the venue to be discreet. You are trusting the other kinky people there to keep the location and going ons secret. Most of the time it works.

A local Dungeon near me does not allow cellphones or cameras inside the premises for this very reason. If a camera is used, there are rules about only showing the folks who want the picture taken. You must get permission from the owners of the Dungeon. Usually the Dungeon owner takes the photo too. They want you to feel safe and comfortable enough to play and have a good time.

First of all, the Owners of the Dungeon who gave the reporter permission to be there was out of their mind! Did they really think they would produce a fair story in the Dungeon’s favor? Reporters are always looking for a story with shock value and this reporter got it! They got this juicy video and ran with it.

I truly feel sorry for the Dungeon and the people filmed. Yes their faces were altered but their tattoos weren’t. People in their local scene could still recognize people in the video. So they were still outed. Also the address of the Dungeon was posted too. I have since heard that they closed the Dungeon. Some folks filmed have dropped out of the scene. Its just really sad.

So in the future, I will only be going to Dungeons who require no cameras or cell phones. Also ones who NEVER invite the media. Its just never a good idea!

Porn Stars vs Rick Santorum

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How often do we think about SEX?

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Debra Ollivier.Contributing editor and writer at large, Huff/Post50

Do men think about sex every seven seconds? What about women? Are you an erotophile or an erotophobe? These are a few questions implicitly raised in a research study that generated some recent buzz and got me thinking about the curiosities of research. Published in the Journal for Sex Research, it’s called: “Sex on the Brain? An examination of Frequency of Sexual Cognitions as a Function of Gender, Erotophilia and Social Desirability,” by Terri D. Fisher, Zachary T. Moore and Mary-Joe Pittenger.

For starters, if your eyes glazed over on that subtitle, here’s some help: In layman terms it might as well read: “A look at how often men and women think about sex based on their gender, how sexually uptight they are (or not), and where they fall on the social register.” (And for those of you stumped by the sexy research language: According to Wikipedia, erotophiles talk about sex more openly, feel less guilt about it, and have “more positive attitudes toward sexually explicit material.” Erotophobes, on the other hand, feel guilty and fearful about sex, have it less frequently and with fewer partners, and don’t like the explicit stuff.

The gist of the study, according to Dr. Fisher, was partly to examine “the crazy old myth that men think about sex every seven seconds.” That’s a lot of sex on the brain. According to Fisher, “no research has ever found anything even remotely approaching that magnitude.” Well, that’s reassuring. Because if men did think about sex that often, they’d have little space left in their mental hard drives to think about anything other than, well, their hard drives.

To debunk this every enduring (and endearing) myth, research participants were given a tally-counter to click every time they had a thought about sex. The results weren’t surprising: Basically, there’s not that big a disparity between men and women when it comes to frequency of thinking about sex. (Those interested in the fine points can read a research extract here.) Men thought a bit more about food and sleep, though that could be connected to sex, too, when you think about it. Have Sex. Eat. Sleep. Not necessarily in that order.

It’s also not surprising that erotophiles thought about sex less than erotophobes — at least they clicked less, which doesn’t mean they were telling the truth. And that’s the problem with research, isn’t it? It stands to reason that if you’re an erotophobe, even if you think about sex you might not feel comfortable clicking about it. Then again, it’s possible that erotophobes secretly think about sex more often than erotophobes, or in stranger ways, precisely because they have issues with it.

Which brings me to a problematic point about research studies. Seems to me we Americans are more obsessed than any nation on earth with quantifying things. That’s not based on empirical data, of course. I’d have to do a research study to confirm it. But every month there seems to be a new study about the “science” of love and sex that generally either proves the obvious, tries to quantify the unquantifiable, or leads me, personally, to wonder: So what? Does it matter what chemicals go off in your brain when you’re in love or having sex? What are we supposed to do about bio-behavioral modes designed to quantify romantic love and “passion love scales”? Isn’t trying to quantify the vast grey zones of subjective human behavior a little like trying to slip a mold of jello through a keyhole and have it come out the other end intact?

I was compelled to contact Dr. Fisher after reading a recent review of “Sex on the Brain” in the New York Times. It concluded that Fisher and her colleagues were unsuccessful getting “older Americans” to follow-up with their research. Turns out “older” Americans simply meant people older than 25. Getting non-college students to participate without compensation — meaning anyone over, say, 30 — was a challenge. When it came to the gender of those who participated, however, women were a resounding majority. ” Now, what to make of that?,” the Times reporter asked.

Yeah, what about that? Replied Fisher: “I would guess that it has something to do with the fact that women have menopause as a signal that they’ve entered a new phase of life and men don’t have a comparable signal like that. Therefore men are perhaps able to self-delude that they’re young, whereas women have to recognize the signs.”

The signs, of course, are bleeped out daily and pervasively by a multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry that’s focused primarily on women. Hard not to be reminded of aging, even if you’re only 21, when anti-aging has become something of a crusade in America. Meanwhile, it’s safe to conclude that we all, men and women, think about sex on and off, for various reasons and to various degrees, whether we’re having sex or not (philes and phobes alike). And somewhere along the way, we want to eat and sleep.

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