How much can you take in your ass??

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A dear sub of mine sent me this video from Hamster! Believe or not, I once fucked a guy with a dildo as big as this sub is enjoying! I hope you enjoy this. Unfortunately, its in French but I think you will understand clearly! 😉

Say, “Thank You Mistress!”


I am just what the Doctor Ordered! Call me NOW!

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Cool weather is coming. Have you been feeling bad lately? Need some TLC?? Nurse Eva is here to firmly make you feel better. Very Through Physical Examinations with deep anal exams. A little KY Jelly can make all your ills go away!

Niteflirt accepts all Major Credit Cards! Plus Debit Cards and Money Gift Cards with the Visa and Mastercard logo on them.

ext: 9439577 or

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Product Review: Hitachi Wand *****

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THE HITACHI WAND (Price Range $50.00 – $100.00)

This toy is BY FAR My favorite toy so far EVER!!! Guys get this for your girlfriend or wife and she will love you for it!

The 3 drawbacks to this toy that I have heard and know from personal experience are…

1. It’s kind of loud… not a toy to be using with your kids falling asleep in the next room.

2. Some women say they find it too strong. This can be rectified by purchasing an attachment for the head ($9-$35 roughly).

3. IT’S ADDICTIVE!!! To the point that you will want to use it A LOT!!! The first year I owned it I limited Myself to 1 or 2 times a week… now I use it almost daily!!!

4. It has a electrical plug so no batteries!

The GREAT things about this toy are…

1. It’s built well and rarely breaks down… I have had Mine for 2 1/2 years and at a price point of about $100 I have completely gotten My money worth!!!

2. It works FAST!!!

3. I was able to use it to achieve multiple orgasms and to squirt which I was unable to do before spending time with this new lover!!! LOL

4. There is now a male attachment which I have seen used first hand and works GREAT!!!

5. It can slightly desensitize in order to work at larger insertions of toys or fisting if that is your interest.

6. You can put a rubber glove over the head for cleanliness

7. It can be used on men for genital stimulation or torture… hehehe

8. AND it’s actually a massager which I have used a number of times on sore muscles!!!

WARNING… Do NOT insert this toy. It will break and I have read threads about it producing a spark which can be scary!!!! Tho I have never met anyone personally who has told Me this.

I give this toy the HIGHEST rating and strongly suggest it!!!

Mistress Eva
99 Cents per minute!
ext: 9439577
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Chastity Lovers! Try Dreamlover ChronoVault!

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This is the Ultimate Chastity Management Solution! I would love for my Chastity sluts to do this! Then I would not have to worry about losing the keys in the mail. Also I would know the key is secure.

The only time-lock safe designed for male chastity training and progressive deacclimation.

Full internet control from any standards-compliant PC or mobile browser.

Tamper evident: no external fasteners, sturdy construction, unauthorized opening requires time-consuming device destruction.

Lightweight, portable
Integrates with the DreamLover Male Training courses
Scriptable / programmable

Only $499 USD (376 EUR, 314 GBP)

Benefits for single males

Control energy wasting addictions
Reclaim your productive time
Have more energy to channel into constructive activities
Practice Sex Transmutation
Jump-start your training, advertise* your results and attract a suitable companion

I have some new Toys and Cage!

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My Leg slave david has spoiled me!

I have a PES Electrical Power Box already. Yesterday I got:

I also have a Violet Wand on the way!

We also back ordered some Toys just for David!

I also got a cage!

So many new things to explore with me! I love to be spoiled!


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