Happy Thanksgiving!

25/11/10 0 COMMENTS

I want to personally wish you and yours a safe, warm, and delicious Thanksgiving!

If you know anything about me, you know I do not cook!
(That is what my slaves and sissies are for!)
Luckily, my Mother is a very talented Southern cook so I will be dining with my family. My dear Mother prefers if I stay out of the Kitchen (Because I am usually in the way or distracting her!) So I enjoy cutting the Holiday birds and setting up the dining area.

I have one older Sister. She is married with three sons. (Yes!, the pressure is off of me!) We are pretty close. We always have to be careful about keeping our secrets, secret at family events.

We all live 20 minutes away from each other. This does make me being kinky so much more interesting. Especially when I was doing intense breathplay with a exboyfriend and my Mother knockss on the door. I went on the front porch in a robe and kept her occupied while my sub hid in my bedroom. Which would be great except for the rope still hanging from the exposed beams in the ceiling. :sigh!:

Well as you can about guess, I am pretty out to my Mom at this point. She’s even seen my Playroom.

All she could say was that she hated my black leather Curtains! I think she was still in shock!

We are not your typical family but at least there is love.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Mistress Eva