Tom Gabel Transgender: Against Me! Singer Reveals New Name

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Against Me! rocker Tom Gabel announced he has gender dysphoria. NEW YORK — Tom Gabel, the lead singer of punk rock band Against Me!, says he’s becoming a woman.

The 31-year-old tells Rolling Stone that as a kid he felt disconnected from his body and has a condition called gender dysphoria. He plans to take hormones and undergo electrolysis. He also is considering gender reassignment surgery.

Says Gabel: “Growing up, my experience with transsexualism was nothing but shame.”

Gabel says his new name will be Laura Jane Grace. He says he’s not attracted to men and will still be married to his wife. They have a 2-year-old daughter.

Against Me! is best known for the song “Thrash Unreal.” The group will hit the road for its tour with The Cult later this month.

The June issue of Rolling Stone hits newsstands Friday.

Mistress Eva: She (he) may be a woman but she has balls to announce to the media that is going to change her gender. A very bold and courageous move. I am very proud of her.

What is even better is that his wife supports him. I talk to so many guys in various levels of being sissies to completely transgendered that have to keep their feminine side hidden from their family. Its a sad and very lonely thing for them.

That is why I enjoy my Forced Feminization line on Niteflirt so much. I like helping them explore their fantasies with me. I like to be caring and supportive of their needs. Their secrets are safe with me.

Mistress Eva
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Feminine Power

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The following is an Interpretation from Chandramaharosana Tantra : –

“Women are heaven; women are dharma (truth);
and women are the highest sacrament.

Women are Buddha; women are the sangha (community);
and women are the Perfection of Wisdom”

In tantra we believe , that god is in fact not a man but a woman, tantra says that woman are the highest dharma and woman are the highest spirituality, The qualities of compassion, kindness, forgiveness are all feminine qualities and are all derived from the great mother herself. Woman create life, they give birth, and so the creation of this universe was done by a feminine force, so to speak. Tantra, therefore teaches us to give the greatest of respect to all woman, at all times.
Tantra also says that woman must never be disrespected, and that she must be allowed complete freedom at all times.
The reason I have brought this Topic up is because throughout history, Woman have been suppressed, often violently, In dark Ages, free thinking woman were burned alive at stake, Even Tantra was subdued, Its teachings Condemned because it gave so much power and prestige to Woman.
Somehow i believe, that had religions like Tantra, which put woman at the helm or the very top, been allowed to flourish, The world in general could have been a very very different place.

Do you agree??

Seduced by Satan?

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This is a interview with the Daughter of Anton LaVey. By many he he was the Father of Satanism in America. Do you think she could lure you to the Dark Side? I think she is pretty hot. The interviewer is a Christian Pastor who does Exorcisms. (I think he is religious zealot that does great acting)

Mistress Eva

Why “Female” Skills Are Worth More

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Women make money. Even better, women make companies make money, according to the Senate Joint Economic Committee’s 2010 report, “Invest in Women, Invest in America.”

Companies with the most women on their boards post 66% higher returns on invested capital, and 42% higher returns on sales than companies with the fewest women represented.

Fortune 500 companies that promote women to senior roles consistently outperform their competitors.

In fact, the report concludes, female leadership is crucial to America’s economic growth.

With numbers like those, you would think every CEO in America would be scrambling to attract and retain—i.e. pay and promote—female employees.

But no. The needle hasn’t moved on the “women earn 80 cents to a man’s dollar” thing. And we’ll skip the statistics about the lack of women in the C-suites.

So what’s a girl to do now?

The answer, as Sheryl Sandberg pointed out in her game-changing TED speech, lies with you (and us).

According to the Senate report, which cites a study of 800 companies, there are reasons why companies with women in powerful positions succeed:

Women are active role models
Women set achievable expectations
Women reward accomplishments
Women encourage others to contribute

Translation: What looks like “nice” behavior—cooperation, team-building, mentoring—is actually powerful and profitable.

Maybe it’s time for a new definition of leadership.

I do NOT do Fantasy Blackmail & This is why!

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Raleigh, N.C. — A Henderson woman has admitted to blackmailing a Minnesota man she met through online dating service

Anita Lavon Williams, 49, pleaded guilty last month in federal court to a charge of mail fraud. She is expected to be sentenced in June, when she faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Williams linked up with the man, identified only as C.J. in court documents, in early 2006 through After developing an online relationship, she convinced him to take some nude photos of himself and send them to her.

She then used the photos to extort money from him. Bank records show dozens of wire transfers, each worth thousands of dollars, were sent in 2008 from Minnesota to accounts in Henderson and Winston-Salem, where Williams’ children had accounts, and Petersburg, Va., where Williams’ boyfriend lived.

Williams also used various aliases in the scheme, including “April Shoulders,” “Betty Davis” and even “Beverly Purdue,” according to court records.

Even after FBI agents arrested her two years ago, Williams e-mailed C.J. again, looking for money, according to court records.

As part of her plea agreement, Williams agreed to forfeit about $7,700 in cash that authorities seized from her home in Henderson, as well as $500 that was in a home in Petersburg and $300 from a BB&T account. She also surrendered seven computers and other electronics.

Williams, who couldn’t be reached for comment, also had an account on a racy site,, and used the same aliases there to meet unsuspecting men, federal authorities said.

Her profiles are no longer listed on and, but WRAL Investigates found an active account on, another social site, that matches her name, hometown and age.

Mark Bredle, a dating coach who runs Modern Approach Dating Education in Raleigh, said online dating is an easy and somewhat anonymous way to find a soul mate but that free dating websites attract scammers.

“You never know what you’re going to get,” Bredle said. “There are a lot of cases of extortion.”

Online profiles that appear under various names but have the same photo and similar background information is an easy red flag to spot, he said. If such a profile vanishes under one name and appears again under another, he said, that also should set off an alarm.

Bredle compared online dating with meeting someone in person. The key is to go slow and not give information or pictures to anyone before you are sure how they will be used, he said.

“Don’t send nude photos,” he said. “Men and women will do it and get blackmailed with those photos.”

Reporter: Cullen Browder
Photographer: Edward Wilson
Producer: Randall Kerr
Web Editor: Matthew Burns

Mistress Eva: This is why I do not do blackmail fantasy! I get requests all the time for this. Its just too easy for a guy to stop having fun and decide to press charges.

I have to admire this woman to a point. She would have probably made good money as a Fantasy Blackmail Mistress or a Financial Domme.

Mistress Eva

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