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19/03/10 5 COMMENTS


1 Hunter
11:37:52, 24/08/10

Would love to be your GS toilet slave along with everything else

2 admin
22:24:25, 29/08/10

Sorry hun! I cannot do GS on Niteflirt! Read their TOS.

Mistress Eva

3 Bob
21:16:08, 23/11/10

I know where you can use that toilet plunger.

4 admin
05:15:18, 18/12/10

Yeah! I can stuff your head in the toilet and flush!

Mistress Eva

5 Bob Brooks
18:39:26, 19/08/11

Your picture is most satisfying. You are so very hot standing there waiting for your sissy. I wish I could be that sissy.

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