Markofjoy 114

19/03/10 4 COMMENTS


1 Gene
18:10:06, 19/08/10

I envy the guy that gets to make love to you. But then you know that don’t you.

2 alberthefag
11:09:27, 24/10/10

No mere mortal could possible be lucky enough to make love to Mistress Eva. Like the song said “Sent from Heaven”.

3 Lyle
00:34:47, 29/03/13

Stunningly gorgeous. And the best part is we inferior males know we can never have our hands on any part of this to die for body. Its enough to be allowed to worship from afar.

4 tim
14:15:35, 14/09/14

Mistress Eve is an angel sent from heaven. I just know that she has to beat the bulls off with a stick. I am hoping to establish a “Cuck” relationship with her, I hope she will give me a chance??

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