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1 alberthefag
11:33:40, 24/10/10

Is Mistress Eva offering her luscious breasts to be suckled?

2 john
09:54:00, 29/07/11

hi mistress Domme Eva ===i am slavesuzie 45646 into the domme club ==i live your web site==i love to get on my hand and knees and be your chair ===i have a add in the domme ====are you looking for a real live in slave to go true be in full slavery and be lock up every day after i done all my slavery work for you in all house work yeard work car cleaning ===i do meen scrubbing every bit of your floors clean bastment floors clean gradage floor clean on my hand and knees hard work ===i am will to go true real hard slavery work ===be own by you can come to you i saw you in your full rubber suit on and boots on ===i will go true hard corporal discipline punishment ass spanking with a real good Rubber strap in your hand to use on me and kick my slve ass off until i am doing the best hard slavery i ever did in my life for you ===i am ready for cuffs on hand feet helples gag in a 4 belt horse rubber bit on and real tigh to stay nice and quiet helpless and rubber hood over the bit gAG LACE UP REALTIGHT HELPLESS ===i will be ready for a red ass black ass blue ass from you ==i am so willing to be all dress up in ggirls cloth skin tight blue jeans on and girls sneakers on and kneel down into bondage wooden stocks so you can use th rubber spanking strap on my jeans ass real hard and kick my slave ass off good ===i am ready to be lock in your jail cell and lock into the woode n stocks kneeling down for a good 36 hrs with a spanking ass kick and doing 36 of self discipline time hurt pain tears crying holler scream balling like your baby i will be so scared of you when you let my slve ass out i will be girl cursty my ass off fast and be on my hand and knees fast to be your chere fast ===i have done this befor for a mistress i stade helpless in place and did not move or get freefrom the discipline wooden stocks i was into just kneeling my slve ass off and hurting me for slavery and they were lots real crying tears comeing out of me ==the wooden stock was bolt to the floor and my ankles were lock into it snug and they were a steel poal 3 inch thick with hand cuffs behind my back to the pipe helpless kneeling for my mistress and will do the same for you mistress A VA==it hurt me but i did not care about it at the time i was real sorry in it i done every thing i was told for my mistress and do every thing for you mistress Eva ===yes you can take all of me ===will =mine==body ==soul ==take my spirit a way from me ===i will get my slave face under your boots soles and tong lick every inch of your heels and soles clean for you ===mistress Eva i will be at your beck and call and ready for slavery ===yo can come with yor van truck with a steel dog cage at the bus or plane place and have slave with my suzie name on it so he can pass me my order to fine yor van in the park lot to open the side door and lock it he door to see the nex not ===i will ready to put that coller on my neck and handcuffs behind my back and handcuff ankels feet tight horse bit on tight and rubber hood on lace up so you can drive off and i am so helpless for you to be on my way home to your jail cell and never get y ass out the house or in the light world you have my slavery life for life mistress Eva===you can trick me into real slavery use me in full degrade me in full burn all my man cloth a way i will be your maid school girl learn study like i never did be for and by discipline belt into your hand slut girl slave girl ready willing to do slavery every day under discipline rules in your house ===i am ready to do all this slavery for you 24-7 365 days and no way out of my slavery what so ever on you mistress Eva ===i was train by my sister into real slavery she was every cross mad willed strict a real bitch she beat me kick my ass off i was so scared of her she was a horse rider she pony horse my ass off dog train me and mt dog trainer on me she done this to me for 3 years ===i ass her to train me into slavery in the barn and she told she love to train my slave as of into real slavery and she told me i could not ever see my friends again or ever get my slave ass of the farm again i was not a losd of the farm again she al ways had my slave ass into a strong dog cage in the barn and never saw day light much ==i was scared of her she did not care if i was crying at all she beat me until she feel real god with nice pleasure happy gad please only she made sure i was gag into a horse rubber bit she would me to open up my mouth wide first of all she would put the round rubber over my slve tong and take the first belt and tight it real good and the bit is far back and stop it was tight and the chin belt tight and the best part is the side belts she tighten the each side belts tight and she pull on the belts they were rubber belts and buckel and the streatch real good i was quiet as her mouse and i could not ever talk back or say one word back i was scared of he ===she told me is is going to hurt me then her she told me she going to me the best slave slavery i ever went true and get me ready for every girl that want to slave my ass into real slavery ===my sister was marry and had 3 kids home at her house ===and she told me i have to take every bit of her kids discipline every time her kids brake a rulr she would beat the ass off me and her man there on the farm to watch her put me true slavery and he saying to her grab the rubber spank strap in her hand say give it to her me real good for house rules i was int cry tears and he told her beat me some more he kook at me and laft at me getting a spanking and he told from now on i was to take his kids beatting in discipline house rules real hard and he told me if his kids get out of line i am in for a hot good beatting from my mistres sister house rules ===if you want me for your slave liven i can come by yours every truley slavesuzie by mistress Eva ==i got some hi points in the domme club this month .

3 john
21:35:43, 29/11/11

hi mistress Eva===i am ready to come to your house to be keep in slavery ==i am ready to let have my slave ass lock into a dog in your car garage===and you can degrade me use me and take out the water hose out and walk over to the cage and hose the ass off me real clean and make me soak my self down real good i hand soap and you can turn the water hose and hose the ass off me for hrs ==the friends around you will think you are wash your car clean see the soap ==just put me in handcuffs behind my back handcuffs my feet chain and lock on my feet and hands hogtie real good ===my hand to me helpless feet and gag real tight with a nice thick rubber horse bit with 4tight belts tight i do unstand the rubber bit will hurt me real good i will be bit it but the rubber will keep me real quiet at your house and you can hose my ass off your way mistress ===rubber hood on eye nose 1/2 mouth air hole and you can lace up the hood up real tight until you can see the rubber hood pull back stretch tight ==make the rubber pull back even more in my slave mouth ===the gag rubber bit can control me and my gag real quiet ==to make me cry ball like your baby holler screaming and no one can her me mistress ===i will let you cage trap me in the dog cage for a good hose washing down your way ===you can beat my slave ass off kick my slave ass off hogtie helpless gag quiet to let you have all the pleasure of me mistress by slavesuzie johnrpero@hotmail.com

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