Suck My Strap-On Slave

19/03/10 21 COMMENTS


1 Lee
14:54:55, 21/03/10

My mouth is open wide and ready Mistress

2 admin
02:43:24, 02/07/10

I would be HAPPY to give it to you!

Mistress Eva

3 Angel
11:37:38, 08/07/10

Mistress I would be happy to to take it any way you gave it to me. I would be a good sub/slut and practice as much as possible incase you decided to make me take a real one.

4 Lee
18:03:10, 11/07/10

I am all ready

5 admin
16:36:09, 12/07/10

Angel, I would love to train you to suck a real cock! Give me a call!

Mistress Eva

6 admin
16:36:46, 12/07/10

Lee, Make it happen! We need to train your ass!

Mistress Eva

7 Angel
15:48:21, 26/07/10

Mistress I am in the Charlotte area and would like to be feminized totally. As far as you would like to take me… hormones, implants, sucking, fucking… whatever you wish and see fit… I hope we can do this

8 admin
07:01:27, 08/08/10

Send me a private message! I would love to feminize you!

Mistress Eva

9 Jt
20:48:47, 15/08/10

I would love 2 suck that 4 u mistress….on my knees and begging

10 sunshine96
13:51:54, 04/09/10

Mistress, I am interested in being trained to serve your strap-on.

11 admin
19:31:59, 27/09/10

sunshine96, Give me a call! I would love to train you!

Mistress Eva

12 SybianMan
09:36:34, 15/10/10

Mistress Eva, my Mouth started getting wet and my Ass began twitching when I saw your Strap-On….. I have some experience with B&D, Dildos and Strap-On’s, but need your training to stretch my Ass so I may be Fisted. Will you train me to feel this pleasure along with other BDSM activities? I’m very curious to learn and serve you Mistress. I’m so ready. I’ll contact you.

13 alberthefag
11:22:35, 24/10/10

If I could ever wrap my luscious, hot, insatiable and can’t get enough lips around Mistress’ strap-on, I’d never let go. I’d demand that Mistress Eva make me her best – and favorite cocksucker. I wouldn’t stop sucking until she did!

14 Pru
08:14:24, 08/11/10

i looking forward to suck u the in way of my training

15 S_Carter1009
06:40:19, 12/01/11

Oh that looks so delicious, Mistress. I’m in the Charlotte area and would love to get trained to suck your strap-on and maybe even a real mans cock.

16 pantyjim
12:36:10, 28/01/11

I hope to suck my ass juice off that big black cock, lol, I’m such a sissy faggot

17 john
04:53:56, 15/10/11

I would love to be trained to take all of you Mistress

18 Bob Brooks
11:38:31, 26/10/11

Mistress Eva, I have been trying to work up the nerve to actually call you and set up a date so you can show me your strap-on and how it works and I am just about there. I really need to be used and abused and I know that you are the right one for this. Your beauty will make it easier.


19 Doug
04:21:29, 02/02/12


Im thinking how nice it would be if you were to take that cock and work it deep into my throat (possibly holding the back of my head as you pound my face). One might might hope for the ral thing but to be honest Id rather have you do it since Im sure it would be better!

20 Bob
17:37:59, 15/10/12

I still have a virgin ass but want to experience the real thing or your dildo in my ass and know what it feels like. Will it hurt? Will you leave me satisfied and full? OK, lets do it. I will call and get an appointment. I want you to teach me to obey.

21 Josh
21:04:39, 03/09/13

I would gladly wait on my knees and beg to take Your strap on and be Your little strap on slut Ma’am

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