Worship My Delicious ass!

19/03/10 7 COMMENTS


1 rudie
16:18:20, 01/04/10

What a lovely adorable ass. Dream to caress, kiss, lick and worship it. When you are tired my face is you seat. Thank you!

2 admin
02:41:40, 02/07/10

That would be awesome. Give me a call and tell me more!

Mistress Eva

3 Gene
18:12:43, 19/08/10

Truly the stuff dreams are made of.

4 alberthefag
10:59:05, 24/10/10

I could eat that fabulous, lovely, gorgeous ass for days w/o stopping.

5 cris
07:37:20, 05/02/11

I want to be your cuckold!to give you and your lover all my money for you can be sexy for him and laugh at me showing me your middle finger!

6 Bill
06:59:28, 27/02/11

I would be the one to worship your ass… Nobody could do it better and longer and be as devoted than I.

7 Josh
21:07:14, 03/09/13

Such a perfect ass Ma’am. It would be honor to kiss and worship it and my face is always ready for You to use as a seat

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