“I like to growl in bed!” A “Furry” allows us into her world.

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Mistress Eva Says: I have always found “Furries” to be interesting. I did not know much about them until CSI did a murder story involving them.

In Shamanism, you honor your totem animals by acting like them or allowing them to you use your body for a while. My Totems thus far are the cat, mynx, snake, panda, hawk and dove. I do wonder what Native Americans would think of Furries?

Going to a Play Party Tonight!

02/07/10 5 COMMENTS

I cannot wait to go the party tonight. There will be human ponies, human pigs and crossdressers there! Its so warm in NC so I can’t get too dressed up. I will be going with a sweet submissive girl that I am getting to know. There will be some vendors there too. I am interested in getting a professional Enema Bag with dildo attachments! Yes, I am a Bitchy Freak! I hope to have some stories to tell!

Mistress Eva