Make Mistress Happy! Buy Me Perverted Gifts!

06/07/10 0 COMMENTS

I found this wonderful site with great BDSM and Fetish Items! My wishlist consists of things I would love for my Dungeon. You will discover that wishlist has gifts for every budget. But remember, You should impress your Mistress!

What I want most is the Rimba powerbox. Also its Electro attachments for CBT, Vaginal, and Anal Play. Dont forget the Rimba Electro Gel, it helps conduct electricity!

Secondly, I want the Masters Violet Wand set. I have been wanting one for years but can never afford it. Getting this would would make me very happy and thrilled!

I would also enjoy the Black Enema Set! I love Medical Play! I would be awesome if you also got the Silicone Anal Catheter with Bulbs too. I really like my sub’s ass to be clean before we do anal play! 😉

All the rest of the gifts are things that I would really enjoy and would add to my play time.

IMPRESS ME! Spoil your Blonde Curvy Goddess!

Mistress Eva Lordes